Using your Card

Using your Membershp


  1. Tri-State Tour Card Members will be issued a non-transferable Membership Card that is valid through March 31, 2020.   In order to be afforded a discount at Participating Clubs, Members must present their Membership Card and Driver's License.
  2. Members must call Clubs in advance to book a tee time and identify themselves as a Tri-State Tour Card Member.
  3. Unless otherwise noted under the "Participating Clubs" Section of this website, all resort, semi-private , and public courses allow 6 plays during "season" ( April through September) and 6 plays during "off season" (October through March).   
  4. The preferred fees that are offered to Tri-State Tour Card Members are only available at the times designated at each Club on the "Participating Clubs" Section.   There may be days when a Participating Club is unavailable for play due to an outing, special events, work on the golf course, or weather conditions.
  5. Members must adhere to the dress codes of Participating Clubs, which, in most cases, do not permit jeans, denim, tee shirts, or workout type shorts.  Participating Clubs also require the use of soft spike golf shoes.
  6. The fees noted are for Tri-State Tour Card Members only and do not apply to other golfers playing with a Tour Card Member.
  7. Your Tri-State Tour Card may not be combined with any other special offers at Participating Clubs.

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